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Gifts with Gratitude.
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Thankful supports any type of gift you can think of.

Nonprofit Donations

Inspire your community to support the causes you care about. Paying it forward is always in good taste.

Offline Gifts

The best gifts can be priceless. Ask for help with babysitting, housesitting, dogsitting or plantsitting.

Cash Gifts

Set up cash funds for the things that matter, whether it’s a new house or your first trip to NYC.

Online Gifts

Add items you love from the online stores you love. Receive them from the people you love.

Fee-Free Cash Gifts

Make cash gifts easy for your guests. Select from free digital cash transfer options, based on your location and currency.

Privacy first means your data and personal info stays yours, not ours.

These are our privacy promises:

No Selling

We never sell user data and personal info, and we don’t sell the data of your guests.


No Targeting

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No Spam

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Keep Thankful with you — wherever life takes you.

From new family members to new business ventures. From big birthdays to fresh starts.

Direct & Transparent Donations

On Thankful, donation gifts are just as important as all of your other gifts. That’s why 100% of donations from your guests go straight to the cause. We see nonprofits of all kinds: both local and global, across a diverse set of causes. From social to environmental, from healthcare to human rights.

Support your favorite brands and retail platforms.

There’s no better time to throw the weight of your community behind independent retailers and B Corp companies. Here are just a few examples.

If you’re outside of the US, we’ve got you.

Thankful works everywhere, giving you the flexibility to add items from any store (big or small) that ships to you.

— Maddie in Victoria, Australia
— Marie in Montana, USA
— Patrick in Edmonton, Canada
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