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What's different about Thankful?
We like to say Thankful is the kinder, feel-good registry that's designed for those who want to keep things simple. Our goal is to give you a beautiful, all-inclusive gift registry for weddings, baby showers and just about any gifting occasion. Thankful's platform is completely open, which means you can register for items from any online store that delivers to you, and your guests can compare prices and shop at their retailers of choice.
How long is the free trial?
The free trial lasts for 7 days, after which the public view is turned off. But you can still manage and add to your registry behind the scenes. Just enter your payment info when you're ready to share with family and friends to activate your registry subscription. It's a one-time US$30 fee for a forever registry with us.
Why isn’t Thankful free?
Great question. For starters, Thankful is an open-platform registry service, we're not an online retailer. That means our priority is to give you and your guests a great registry experience – it’s not to sell you stuff. Secondly, we strive to be transparent in everything we do. There are cash and honeymoon registry sites that take a percentage of your cash gifts as commission, which we don’t agree with. So that’s why we have a simple flat fee model.
How does Thankful work for guests?
Think of Thankful as a great-looking catalog where your family and friends can browse for a gift. When they’ve chosen something to purchase, we'll send them to the online store where they'll complete the payment and shipping process. (It works the same for cash and donation gifts.) At the same time, we'll make sure your registry is kept up-to-date. Since Thankful isn't owned or run by a specific retailer, your guests have the freedom to buy in-store instead of online, or even from another retailer if they'd like.
My free trial expired. How do I reactivate my account?
Log into your account then enter your payment info on the Account Settings page. Your card will be charged a one-time US$30 fee. Once that's done, the public view will reactivate instantly.
I’m from outside the U.S. Can I use Thankful?
Absolutely. Simply set your gift prices to your local currency when you’re organizing gifts, and enter your full shipping address including country on your Thankful account. Be aware: some online stores don't accept non-US credit cards or charge very high shipping prices for international orders.
Can I have a unique URL?
Certainly. You'll choose your URL when you sign up for a free trial account.
Can I create a honeymoon or house fund?
Yes, you can. Your guests have the option to give cash gifts by credit/debit card through Stripe (with fees deducted), by PayPal transfer (typically free) or by sending you a check (always free).
Note: If you choose to use Stripe, a credit card fee from Stripe will be deducted from each gift before it's transferred to you. Thankful doesn't charge any fees or commissions for cash gifts.
Can I create "group gifts" on Thankful?
Absolutely. You can divide the value of bigger ticket items by setting them up as a group gift. For instructions on how to set up group gifts, see the Help page for registry owners. (You'll need to be logged into your account).
Yes, we have a feature that lets you link to one outside registry directly from your Thankful page. This is the perfect compromise if you'd like to have both a traditional retailer registry, and also use Thankful for everything else, like honeymoon gifts, gift cards and charity donations.
What's the bookmarklet?
The “Add to Thankful” bookmarklet lets you register for items from any online store that delivers to you. It works just like Pinterest's “Pin It” button.
How do I manage my thank you notes?
Your Thank You List keeps a running list of all the gifts that have been purchased and by whom. When it comes time to say thanks, you can export this list as a spreadsheet.
Can I get some help with gift inspiration?
You can browse our Gift Guide section for some of our favorite ideas. (This is for US-based registries.)
Can non-profits use Thankful for fundraisers?
Absolutely. If you're a non-profit, please get in touch. We'd be happy to waive our $30 fee as a small contribution to your fundraiser.


How does Thankful Registry work?
We like to say Thankful is the kinder, feel-good registry that's designed for those who want to keep things simple. Our goal is to give people a beautiful, all-inclusive gift registry to share with their family and guests. Thankful's platform is completely open, which means gifts can be added from any online store and guests can compare prices and shop at their retailers of choice. We might not be what you’re used to, so if you have a question that isn’t answered here, please send us an email: We’ll be happy to help.
Where do I find the shipping address on the registry?
The registry's shipping address will be revealed when you go through the "Give This Gift" process for an item. It's also sent to you by email so you can find it again later. (So make sure you enter your email correctly!) If you plan to give your gift in person, then ship the gift to your own address instead.
I fulfilled a gift unintentionally. How do I undo this?
Don’t worry, this is easy to undo. Look for an email from Thankful asking you to confirm or cancel your gift. Then simply follow the instructions and click on the option that says, “No, I didn’t buy it”. This will remove the fulfilled status on this gift and make it available again.
If you don’t see the email in your inbox, send us an email:
How do I buy a gift from a registry?
First things first! It’s important to know that you’ll be browsing the registry on Thankful, but you won’t be buying directly from us. This means you can choose to buy your gift online or in-store, and from anywhere you like, which is especially useful if you happen to find a great price elsewhere.
If you’re ready to purchase a gift, or you’ve already purchased it:
Go to the registry page and find the gift you purchased. Then go through the "Give This Gift" process to fill in your name and email for the registry’s Thank You List. Clicking "Let's Go Purchase" will take you to the retailer page where you can buy the item online. It will also mark the gift as fulfilled.
If you’re not ready to buy:
Go through the "View This Gift" process instead. You’ll be taken to the retailer page to take a closer look at the item. But if you end up buying the gift, please go back to the "Give This Gift" process to update the registry with your information.
One more thing:
You'll receive an email from Thankful asking you to confirm your gift. Please follow the instructions. If you changed your mind and didn't follow through with the purchase, this is your chance to undo it.
How do I buy multiple items from the same store?
First, go through the "Give This Gift" process for the items you want to purchase. This will mark those items fulfilled. The registry will then take you to the store's website. There, you can add the items to the same shopping cart, and go through the checkout process once.
I bought a gift from the registry. How do I mark it as “fulfilled”?
Please find the gift on the registry and go through the “Give This Gift” process. You’ll be required to enter your name, email and gift quantity for the registry’s Thank You List. Then click "Continue". On the next page, click the "Let's Go Purchase" button to mark the item fulfilled and update the quantity. (Don’t worry, you won’t need to buy the item again.) Finally, you'll receive a confirmation email from Thankful to confirm the gift was fulfilled in your name.
How do I send a cash gift?
This depends on how the registry owner chooses to receive cash gifts. The options available are credit/debit card, PayPal transfer or check/cheque. If there is no price shown this means you can choose to give whatever amount you'd like. Let us know if you need a hand:
Can I buy the gift in-store instead of online?
Yes, absolutely. Just go through the “Give This Gift” process so the registry is updated with your gift and the gift is fulfilled in your name.


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