Clare & Rich

August 4, 2017

We are excited to share this event and look forward to celebrating with you!

Clare & Rich Clare & Rich
  • Honeymoon Fund

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    Honeymoon Fund

  • House Fund

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    House Fund

  • Steak Knife Set1

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    $53.00 (USD) from

    Steak Knife Set1

  • Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor

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    $199.00 (USD) from

    Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor

  • LLBean Flannel Sheets

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    $132.00 (USD) from

    LLBean Flannel Sheets

  • LLBean Cotton Sheets

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    $129.00 (USD) from

    LLBean Cotton Sheets

  • Corvallis CO-OP Gift Card

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    Corvallis CO-OP Gift Card

  • Cuisinart Electric Kettle

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    $84.65 (USD) from

    Cuisinart Electric Kettle

  • Bosch 18V Power Drill

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    $154.00 (USD) from

    Bosch 18V Power Drill

  • Walnut Ladle

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    $45.00 (USD) from

    Walnut Ladle

  • Coleman Camp Stove

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    $43.00 (USD) from

    Coleman Camp Stove

  • Libbey Acacia Cake Stand

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    $35.00 (USD) from

    Libbey Acacia Cake Stand

We're thankful for good food, sunny weather, and long hikes.